Thursday, September 1, 2005

What the hell?

I cannot believe it is now Thursday and Nascar has not fined Dale Jarrett for causing an intentional caution. That is against Nascar rules.

Section 12-4 (N)of the 2005 Nextel Cup Rulebook says, "Any driver who in the judgment of NASCAR officials intentionally causes or attempts to cause a caution condition by stopping or spinning out or any other action [shall suffer]: a fine, and/or loss of points, and/or loss of finishing.

I am not a Ryan Newman fan, but what he did was not intentional. What Jarrett did was. Going into turn three, he slowed down so Newman would go high. When they got into the middle of the turn, Jarrett turn RIGHT to clip Newman's back fender spinning both of them. It also gave Kevin Harvick a DNF.

I remember a race when JR was loosing laps and spun out going into a turn with no one around him. He was slapped with a $10,000 fine. Why aren't the same rules applied here? Was it because Jarrett is a past champion? No, that can't be it. SR used to get away with all the time. Sorry Mr. Jarrett, the bad boy image doesn't work for you. There is one other scenario. Maybe Nascar is saying that the two lap penalty was enough. Come on Nascar. Obviously you were saying that wreck was intentional. So next time you want you attempt to put your balls on the table and penalize a driver to taking out another in retaliation, how about holding that driver until the other driver's car is repaired, then accessing the two lap penalty?

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