Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nascar Fever

I am sitting here watching qualifying for the Daytona 500. Finally the fix I have been waiting for. We have been talking Nascar for the past few weeks at work. There have been so many driver, number, and sponsor changes. It is going to take about a month to get use to. I would have enjoyed watching the Bud Shootout under the lights. But it will be on in a few hours. An actual race will really cure that itch. RACING, I love it. It is an awesome sport, next to the NFL. Just like every play and every lap, it could all change the outcome of the game or race. I look forward to the is season as being very successful for Junior. Actually both of them. Wouldn't it be nice for Dale to win the over all championship and Truex to win the rookie of the year? I guess we will find out at the end of the 36 race season.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Where I have been...

I have been kind of busy lately. I finally decided to go back to school and finish getting my degree. I stopped going back in May of 99. At the time, I was newly hired on at AACIDNN, I had a four year boy, 1 year old girl, and another boy on the way. With this all on my plate, something had to go. I chose to drop school. Heck, back then there was a lot of overtime and I was supporting them well. Now there is not much of that to talk about. I have achieved a few things since then. The final goal I wanted, was to buy a house and finally be settled. I did that last year. Now I am trying to get back in AASIDNN. I might have hit a financial snag. But I could use something in my favor. While I was out of school, they updated the curriculum. Instead of Electronics Engineering Technology, it is now Computers and Electronic Engineering Technology. I have already been told that I will have a special schedule. I might be able to spread it out long enough so I can take other student loans instead of taking private loans. I need to call the Director of Education and see what kind of schedule I will have to graduate. I need to fill in some gaps, so if it takes longer it might benefit me. Until then, it is up in the air. Well, I should get off here and see what else I can do to get the money issue out of the way.

Oh, my pick for the Super Bowl was the Steelers. No, I am not saying this to cover my ass. My wife baked a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and GO Steelers written in yellow (I have a picture to prove it). I haven't downloaded the pictures to my desktop yet. If you all want to see it just ask.

Any way, I was going to write about how I can be torn on who to pick. The Sentimental Favorite or The Hometown Favorite. I am from the Cincinnati area and most of the people around here were pissed about the Second Play. They wanted the Steelers to loose for what happened. Also, they were pulling for Shaun Alexander. He played for Boone County High School, which is about a half hour from here. I can see the Seahawks getting back there next year against a different opponent. They are not loosing any players that can't be replaced. They will sign Alexander, I am sure of that. I was pulling for the sentimental favorite of The Bus. He has been such a great player and ambassador for the NFL, he deserved to win a championship. It put a fitting end to a great career. I commented over at GOC about how I feel about some of the calls in the game.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

NFC and AFC Champ Picks

This week I am going with the sentimental and home town picks. I am rooting for Pittsburgh because of Jerome Bettis. This man has had a long and tremendous career. He is definitely a first ballot Hall of Famer. I don't think I will see any arguments there. The home town boy you ask? Answer: Shaun Alexander. He grew up about a half hour from here playing for Boone County High School. Every week he was getting write-ups in the paper. They would just destroy teams. When he was at the end of his last contract, I was wanting him to sign with the Bengals, so I could have a better chance of seeing play live again. Crazier things have happened in the NFL, but I think we will retire a Seahawk. But we have seen Montana and others play on different teams before the hung up the cleats. He is one hell of a running back. I think if he gets at least one ring, that would be the stamp on his Hall of Fame ticket. I loved the Dallas Cowboys when they were on their rampage in the 90s. I was telling everyone to watch out for them because of Emmitt Smith. Hell, I named my dog at the time Emmitt, because he was fast. He could get low to the ground and just haul ass. Sometimes it would take blocks to catch up with him. It reminded me of defenders chasing Emmitt into the endzone. Emmitt Smith turned out to be the All Time Leading Rusher in NFL HISTORY!!! 18,355 With Shaun's progress in the NFL year after year, could he possibly have a chance at breaking that mark?


That is total of 7,817 yards. With this average, if he could play another 8 years, he would be just short at 18,240. Emmitt Smith played 14 seasons. 1,773 in 1995 was his highest. Shaun Alexander this year ran for 1880. He could also go after the famed 2,105 mark by Eric Dickerson. If he could break that season record, that could be what he would need to pass for the all-time record. Oh, barring injury of course. Can never leave that out now can we? Just last week, Ding! Dong! he got his bell rung. I would like to see him be very successful. I am sure there will streets in Boone County named after him.

Friday, January 13, 2006

NFL Outlook

Last week sucked. I went 2-0 on my picks Saturday, but then 0-2 on Sunday. Hopefully this week will be better. I was ticked that Palmer went down with his knee injury. The Bengals looked good in the first half. I thought may be they would have pulled it out. The Steelers went in at half time and remembered that Kanta can't throw the long ball. When your team is built for it and your QB can't do the job, then you are bound to loose.

This weekend picks:

Seattle over Washington
Denver over New England

Pittsburgh over Indianapolis
Chicago over Carolina


Saturday, January 7, 2006

Hey All

I know I don't blog much. I just don't find as much time as a use to. I really need to get into a rhythm. I guess that is the one thing I am going to work on this year. Heck, it is Jan 7th already, this is my first post of the year. Great, I guess I started off on the wrong foot.

I never did tell you guys who won the championship. The Krushers handed Guts and Glory a 76-42 defeat. Kaiser road Larry Johnson the last half of the season and through the playoffs. Before the draft, he had already tagged Priest Holmes. Then he picked up Larry Johnson late in the draft. He got one on us and no one picked up on it until we were all reviewing the draft. He was laughing then. He is also laughing now. The trophy should be back before the NFL Super Bowl.

I will be watching all the playoff games because I am a NFL football junky. I don't like college because of no playoffs. I am sure a one or two loss team could be just as good National Champs as a team going in undefeated. I would like to see 16 teams, but right now I would settle for 8. May be then it would be more interesting. So, back to the NFL. Today I am going with the Skins and Pats. I am rooting for Washington because of Joe Gibbs. (Tony Stewart to Joe Gibbs to Redskins) I think New England will win. The Jags just don't have their team ready to make a push through the playoffs. My wife and I hate the Patriots, but we think they are the favorable team to win. They have been there before, so the experience is not that overwhelming. Tomorrow, I will have to take both home teams. I think that the Giants being at home gives them the edge for the win. I think the Bengals will destroy the Steelers. They played poorly in week 16 and didn't even show up week 17. That game didn't matter to them. They weren't too concerned with even being there. Even though they lost, it was nice to see Dick Vermeil go out with a win. They were the most dangerous team NOT to make the playoffs. If they would have made it, this year's playoffs would go very differently. Larry Johnson is a beast. (Don't tag him Kaiser, I want a chance to get him)

On a totally different subject...

I have been laughing my ass off over at GOC. Some dumbass named Rex, had the balls to question a handicapped person's sex life. What a dick? (no pun intended) What is it to him about someone else's sex life unless he is apart of it? I don't think Denny is into guys that way, anyhow. I have been reading this site for over a year and never once have I seen Denny write anything about getting a piece of ass. I really don't care. If he can still get a woman, more power to him. Hell, he has money, so he could have already explored that avenue. There are drugs and pumps out there to make it work. Anything is possible.
He may become the first crippled porn star.