Saturday, January 7, 2006

Hey All

I know I don't blog much. I just don't find as much time as a use to. I really need to get into a rhythm. I guess that is the one thing I am going to work on this year. Heck, it is Jan 7th already, this is my first post of the year. Great, I guess I started off on the wrong foot.

I never did tell you guys who won the championship. The Krushers handed Guts and Glory a 76-42 defeat. Kaiser road Larry Johnson the last half of the season and through the playoffs. Before the draft, he had already tagged Priest Holmes. Then he picked up Larry Johnson late in the draft. He got one on us and no one picked up on it until we were all reviewing the draft. He was laughing then. He is also laughing now. The trophy should be back before the NFL Super Bowl.

I will be watching all the playoff games because I am a NFL football junky. I don't like college because of no playoffs. I am sure a one or two loss team could be just as good National Champs as a team going in undefeated. I would like to see 16 teams, but right now I would settle for 8. May be then it would be more interesting. So, back to the NFL. Today I am going with the Skins and Pats. I am rooting for Washington because of Joe Gibbs. (Tony Stewart to Joe Gibbs to Redskins) I think New England will win. The Jags just don't have their team ready to make a push through the playoffs. My wife and I hate the Patriots, but we think they are the favorable team to win. They have been there before, so the experience is not that overwhelming. Tomorrow, I will have to take both home teams. I think that the Giants being at home gives them the edge for the win. I think the Bengals will destroy the Steelers. They played poorly in week 16 and didn't even show up week 17. That game didn't matter to them. They weren't too concerned with even being there. Even though they lost, it was nice to see Dick Vermeil go out with a win. They were the most dangerous team NOT to make the playoffs. If they would have made it, this year's playoffs would go very differently. Larry Johnson is a beast. (Don't tag him Kaiser, I want a chance to get him)

On a totally different subject...

I have been laughing my ass off over at GOC. Some dumbass named Rex, had the balls to question a handicapped person's sex life. What a dick? (no pun intended) What is it to him about someone else's sex life unless he is apart of it? I don't think Denny is into guys that way, anyhow. I have been reading this site for over a year and never once have I seen Denny write anything about getting a piece of ass. I really don't care. If he can still get a woman, more power to him. Hell, he has money, so he could have already explored that avenue. There are drugs and pumps out there to make it work. Anything is possible.
He may become the first crippled porn star.

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