Sunday, January 22, 2006

NFC and AFC Champ Picks

This week I am going with the sentimental and home town picks. I am rooting for Pittsburgh because of Jerome Bettis. This man has had a long and tremendous career. He is definitely a first ballot Hall of Famer. I don't think I will see any arguments there. The home town boy you ask? Answer: Shaun Alexander. He grew up about a half hour from here playing for Boone County High School. Every week he was getting write-ups in the paper. They would just destroy teams. When he was at the end of his last contract, I was wanting him to sign with the Bengals, so I could have a better chance of seeing play live again. Crazier things have happened in the NFL, but I think we will retire a Seahawk. But we have seen Montana and others play on different teams before the hung up the cleats. He is one hell of a running back. I think if he gets at least one ring, that would be the stamp on his Hall of Fame ticket. I loved the Dallas Cowboys when they were on their rampage in the 90s. I was telling everyone to watch out for them because of Emmitt Smith. Hell, I named my dog at the time Emmitt, because he was fast. He could get low to the ground and just haul ass. Sometimes it would take blocks to catch up with him. It reminded me of defenders chasing Emmitt into the endzone. Emmitt Smith turned out to be the All Time Leading Rusher in NFL HISTORY!!! 18,355 With Shaun's progress in the NFL year after year, could he possibly have a chance at breaking that mark?


That is total of 7,817 yards. With this average, if he could play another 8 years, he would be just short at 18,240. Emmitt Smith played 14 seasons. 1,773 in 1995 was his highest. Shaun Alexander this year ran for 1880. He could also go after the famed 2,105 mark by Eric Dickerson. If he could break that season record, that could be what he would need to pass for the all-time record. Oh, barring injury of course. Can never leave that out now can we? Just last week, Ding! Dong! he got his bell rung. I would like to see him be very successful. I am sure there will streets in Boone County named after him.

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