Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Half way mark

Week 6 of the NFL season probably marks a lot of fantasy football's mid way point of their regular season. There are many people out there wondering what happened. There are teams that started out hot and have died off. There are also teams that keep going strong. I am doing good now at 4-2. Yes, I won this past week, 51-47. I got lucky that TE Dallas Clark didn't catch any of those touchdowns Monday night. My team is keeping pace with ShadowKahn, 5-1. He is a 2 pt favorite over Lexington Nightmares, 3-3. It could be a tough match up for him. Don't let their record full you. They are in front in their division, but have lost a couple of really close games. My team is also a 2 pt favorite over The Big Cheeses, 3-3 (a really big Packer-fan). We fought over Favre. Our games are pivitol for their division. So you know what in the hell I am talking about...

Divisions A and B are Conference 1
Divisions C and D are Conference 2

Division winners are in the playoff along with two wildcard teams out of each conference.

Division A
Kaiser's Krushers 4-2
Eldora Highbanks 2-4
Brigands 2-4

Division B
ShadowKahn 5-1
KY Intimidators 4-2
Bengalstorm 2-4

Division C
Lexington Nightmares 3-3
The Big Cheeses 3-3
Insane Barbarians 1-5

Division D
Guts and Glory 4-2
The Big Kahunas 4-2
LigerCats 2-4

Only six more weeks to go, then PLAYOFFS!!!

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