Friday, October 14, 2005

I hate being sick

I started getting sick yesterday. I woke up worse today. My head is congested and my nose wont stop running. UGH!!! I had to call off work. There was no way that I could have gotten through work today. I am most likely taking off tomorrow. I don't want to spread what I have. When it drops into your chest, it is like carrying a 60 lbs kid around all day. The back hurts and you have no energy. Good luck to everyone else out there who haven't gotten sick yet. I am just glad that I am getting this out of the way early. My immune system will be up for the rest of the winter. I don't look forward to getting sick until the season starts to change for spring.

FF Update- I am going into this weekend an 8 pt underdog. That don't mean shit. My team usually performs better the weeks that I am an underdog.

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