Friday, December 16, 2005

Chris Henry charged with STUPIDITY

Well, it looks as if Bengals WR Chris Henry is on Coach Lewis's shit list. What a stupid thing to do!? He was pulled over on Philadelphia in Covington, KY (which is about 5 minutes from down town). He was pulled over for speeding. This area is residential. Bogus charge. Just looking for a reason to pull him over. He was also charged with expired tags, expired driver's license, and no proof of insurance. The tags were enough to pull him over anyway. I got busted a few years back for mine being 3 months past due. The cop let me go, because I was on my way to work. He could have had me towed, but let me go, because I was going to take care of it after work. I work 3rd at the time.

When the police approached the car, the smelled mary jay. There were stems in the ash tray. When the searched him, he had two bags in his shoe. This all totals up to STUPIDITY. You are on one of the best teams in the league, if not THE BEST. Doing things like this is just plain dumb. Don't do stuff like this during the season. We don't need to be reminded of the Bungals. That was a team that would do stupid things to destroy the team. Get your head on straight and cleaned up. I hope Marvin benches your ass this week. Kelly Washington can fill in this week. Another thing, you have MONEY. I am sure you could have that stuff delivered. Duh, you can't afford that chance of getting busted. Oops, too late for that one. DEE DEE DEE!!!

You could have a great career here in Cincinnati. We just don't need that in the team chemistry. Look at Darrell Russell. He chose the drug route and that ended in a deadly crash. I don't think you want that ending. You are here for a ring. You can help make that happen. Just drop the pipe and catch the ball. Marvin said Jump Higher, not Get Higher.

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