Monday, December 5, 2005

The Playoffs

I finally made it to the playoffs in my third year of fantasy football (actually playing for money). My team was matched up against a division rival, who I lost to twice during the regular season.

After the second set of games, I was up 27-7. Thank you Miami for hammering away at the Bills Defense on a route to a come back win. The Bills ended up only scoring one point even with their bonuses.

My main concern with the Sunday night game was that ShadowKahn still had LT to play. He racked up 29 points against me last week. He also owns the SD Kicker Nate Kaeding, to add the extra points to LT's TDs. Another key factor was him having Kerry Collins against my WRs of Moss and Porter. Wide Receivers rack up yardage points faster than Quarterback's passing yardage.

Early in the Oakland/San Diego game, there was a key goalline stop against LT when the score of my game was 29-24. That had to be a key moment in this matchup. I would have been behind worrying, needing Westbrook to have a good night. As long as he doesn't come out and fumble and gets some yardage, my team will win. I am up now 32-31.

Next week, I go up against a conference opponent and good friend, Kaiser's Krushers (won 61-55). Looks like I have my work cut out for me again. I lost to him twice during the regular season.

In the other conference, Guts and Glory cruised to a mighty defeat of 76-42. The Big Kahunas upset the Nightmares 44-14.

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