Tuesday, November 29, 2005

FF Update

Well, to start it off, I lost. I am in as the first wildcard. With Eldora winning their game, it forces rematches of week 12. The division opponents get to play again for a third time. Eldora Highbanks will host Kaiser's Krushers and the Kentucky Intimidators will travel to ShadowKahn. I have lost to him twice. Third time is a charm I hope. I will have to make some decisions on who to start. I have posted my roster in previous posts. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I need to win now. This is loose and go home. In the other conference, The Big Cheeses won their game as they watched the Ligercats choak. All Ligercats had to do was win. He will be back next year with his Seattle loaded team. TBC will be the lucky one to take on Guts and Glory with their Indy loaded team. The Lexington Nightmares will host The Big Kahunas.

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