Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Week 12 is HERE!!!

I won my game this week, 79-54. I finally got game of the week.

With week 12 finally here, there is a lot on the line. In most fantasy leagues, most of this stuff was sorted out weeks ago. Here is a post that is going up on the site today.

We are now down to our final week of the regular season. If you look at the standings and the schedule, you have to thank your scheduling gods. Five of the games have some kind of meaning. It is nice to have some pre-playoff games.

In the Counting Conference, both divisions and even the conference title is on the line. In Division A, the Kaiser's Krushers will take on Eldora Highbanks. If the Krushers win, they win their division. They would need ShadowKahn to loose to win the conference. If Eldora wins, would win the division title due to conference tie-breaker.

In Division B, ShadowKahn takes on the KY Intimidators. If ShadowKahn wins, they will take both their division and conference titles because of the head to head matchups over the Krushers even if they win. If the Intimidators win, they would win the division due to the division record tie-breaker. KYI could also win the conference if they win and KK looses.

The Infinity Conference is a little bit different. When the Lexington Nightmares take on Guts and Glory, it will be for very nice payout (50 bucks + Add/Drop fees). They are playing for the Best Season Record and conference title. GG took the first matchup of 80-32. If Lexington wins, they would win the conference title because of a better conference record. WINNER TAKE ALL!!!

It looks as if no one in this conference wants the second wild card. Both the Barbarians and Big Cheeses lost last week. This week they play each other. If the Insane Barbarians win they are in. If The Big Cheeses win, they would need help. They would need the LigerCats to loose to The Big Kahunas. Yes, that's right, the LigerCats still have a chance. If they win, they would own the tie-breaker from the head to head matchups. The have won two of their three games against TBC.

Div A
Kaisers Krushers 7-4
Eldora Highbanks 6-5
Brigands 3-8

Div B
KY Intimidators 7-4
ShadowKahn 7-4
Bengalstorm 3-8

Div C
Lexington Nightmares 8-3
Insane Barbarians 4-7
The Big Cheeses 3-8

Div D
Guts and Glory 9-2
The Big Kahunas 6-5
LigerCats 3-8

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