Saturday, November 12, 2005

Needing a Win

This week I am taking on the Kaiser's Krushers. After dropping the Raider's DEF and picking up Green Bay's DEF, my team became a 5 pt underdog. Then Randy Moss was down graded on the injury update in the middle of the week. The new line is minus six. My team usually performs the weeks when I am an underdog, so I am optomistic.

You probably ask yourself, "Green Bay's DEF??? Don't they SUCK???"

Actually, they are not that bad. The reason I dropped Oakland, was that they are playing Denver this week. With CJ on a bye this week, I had to start Lelie. If he scored a TD(Rec 3pt), OAK DEF would loose 2pts (look over the rules posted for Def Scoring in an earlier post). GB Def takes on Atlanta. If they can cause some pressure on Vick, I can get some good points. They have perform better than Oakland anyway. There is also something else that sold me on GB. Championship weekend they play Baltimore. If it is the same Baltimore as right now, it will look like a genious move. But, if Kyle Boller emerges to become something, it may be a bad move. I would have to resort to SD DEF. WHAT AM I SAYING??? Boller???

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