Monday, November 21, 2005

Things are setting up...

I will make another post tomorrow on the playoff matchups. I had to get this out early. It looks as if next week in our conference that two games will be winner take all in both of the divisions. Highbanks vs Krushers and Intimidators vs ShadowKahn. It is nice that the schedule has worked out to have some PRE-playoff games.

Tonight I need Favre to score at least 7 points for me to have game of the week. My team has 68 points as of now. I would like to start winning some of my money back before the playoffs. I have come close only a couple of times this season to have GOTW.

Rob from CrabApple put in a comment about only 12 week regular season fantasy football seasons. I asked the same question when I first joined the Counting Infinity Fantasy Football League. The reasonning makes sense. Lets use Peyton Manning for an example. What if the Colts clinch their division and home-field early? Most likely Manning would be benched or playing time reduced to refresh him and save him for the playoffs. If you have him on your team and your league's championship is in week 17, you could possibly loose because the Colts benched him. Not many NFL teams bench stars in week 15. This sets up the 12 week regular season with playoffs 13-15.

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