Friday, November 18, 2005

Playoffs in two weeks

Here is a post I put on the fantasy football website. It is about the playoff possibilities. Now that I am in, I want to win it all. Just need to take it one week at a time. Well, here it is. I will post the standings at the end.

The playoffs are in two weeks and you are probably asking yourself,
"What are my chances of making the playoffs?" Here is a look at the

Division A

Kaiser's Krushers - next two games against Bengalstorm and Eldora Highbanks
Conference Record 5-3
Already clinched playoff spot. Needs to win both games to claim
division title. KK can afford a loss to Bengalstorm, but would need to
win against Eldora. If win against Bengalstorm and loss to Eldora,
would win division because of division record.

Eldora Highbanks - next two games against ShadowKahn and Kaiser's Krushers
Conference Record 5-3
A win in either game will guarantee a playoff spot. If EH wins their
next two games and KK looses to Bengalstorm, they could steal the
division right out from under KK.

Bengalstorm still has a small chance. Would need to win their final two
games against KK and Brigands, along with Eldora loosing both of their
games. Bengalstorm beat Eldora in week 3, 95-51.

Division B

ShadowKahn - next two games against Eldora Highbanks and Kentucky
Conference Record 6-2
Already clinched playoff spot. Win both games to claim division title.
Can afford loss to Eldora, but would need win against KYI for division.
If they loose both, they would fall to the second wildcard.

Kentucky Intimidators - next two games against Brigands and ShadowKahn
Already clinched playoff spot. Win both games, win division title by
division record tiebreaker.

Division C

Lexington Nightmares - next two games against The Big Kahunas and Guts
and Glory
Clinched Division in Playoffs.

Insane Barbarians - next two games against Guts and Glory and The Big
Win both games and in. Loose one and it could gets crazy.

The Big Cheeses - next two games against Ligercats and Insane Barbarians
The Big Cheeses beat IB 63-35 in week 5. Need to win next two games for
the second wildcard. If loss to Ligercats and IB loose GAG, would need
to beat IB in week 12.

Division D

Guts and Glory - next two games against Insane Barbarians and Lexington
Conference Record 6-2
Win either game claims the division. If loss in both games, would need
the Big Kahunas to loose to Ligercats. If TBK beats the Ligercats,
conference record would come next. They split the season matchup and
would have identical division records. This would cause them to fall to
a wildcard.

The Big Kahunas - next two games against Lexington Nightmares and Ligercats
Conference Record 5-3
Clinched playoff spot. Win in either game clinches first wildcard.
Need to win both and GAG to loose both to claim division.

Tune in next week when the playoff schedule will be a little clearer.

Division A
Kaiser's Krushers 6-4
Eldora Highbanks 5-5
Brigands 3-7

Division B
ShadowKahn 7-3
KY Intimidators 6-4
Bengalstorm 3-7

Division C
Lexington Nightmares 7-3
Insane Barbarians 4-6
The Big Cheeses 3-7

Division D
Guts and Glory 8-2
The Big Kahunas 6-4
Ligercats 2-8

Week 11 Matchups
Brigands at KY Intimidators -3
Highbanks -7 at ShadowKahn
Krushers at Bengalstorm -2
Lexington at Big Kahunas -16
Big Cheeses -6 at Ligercats
Barbarians at Guts and Glory -16

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