Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today was a Wii Day

It was a good day today. My family and I have been collecting Coke codes all year long. I had my Mom, my sister, and people at work giving me 12 pack flaps. We would go out for walks around town during good weather days and check trash to find caps or flaps for codes. After a lot of searching and code entering, we broke the 6250 point threshold. We should have our Nintendo Wii in two to four weeks.

Last year we collected the Coke codes and our goal was to get a Playstation 2. We were less than 60 points shy when all of a sudden, it was no longer listed on the website. UGH, all that work for not. Not quite so. The Blockbuster $100 Gift Cards were still listed on the site for 750 points. This year they were on there for 1000 points. Yeah, got one of them too. Was able to get six used Playstation games. I digress. I used the Gift Card from last year to purchase a used PS2. Took it home, hooked it up, and the game my son rented didn't boot up. It looked as if the game was scratched up. I took it back and exchanged it. Got home and the game still didn't boot up. My son's best friend came over with some of his games and they didn't boot up either. So, I packed up the PS2 and went back to Blockbuster. I raised hell when I went in there. I told them that they sold me a broken unit. "Oh no sir, we check all the systems we buy used." Sure enough, they hooked it up and it didn't work. By the time I walked out, my son had a PS2 "Thin" in his hands.

The Coke Rewards program ends at the end of the year, unless they decide to go another year. I hope so, I wouldn't mind getting another game system. I have over 1000 points to enter still. We are looking to get a few more different items before it is all done. It would be nice to know if they are going to do it again next year so I can save my points and not use them on lower point items. It would make it easier to go after the higher point prizes.

To all of those that are collecting, good luck. I will be enjoying my brand new Wii.


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