Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Blog Added

I have added a new blog to the list on the right. I have been reading TCOARJ for the past couple of days. You can thank the GOC for that one. Well, here is a recent post from his site. I think he had my house bugged because I was just telling my wife this very thing. Enjoy the read...

I Can’t Afford Anymore “Change”
October 29, 2008 · No Comments
Tonight is the big Obamamercial on tv tonight. He’s just lucky he did’nt schedule half hour last night and interfere with me watching NCIS. That would have really pissed me off. Thank g-d for “On Demand” cable, so while the Obamessiah is selling you his snake oil he calls “Hope & Change”, I’ll be watching something else like “Lethal Weapon 3″ or a CSI rerun.

I got to thinking today, George Bush has been President for almost 8 yrs. We have not experienced the horror of another attack from Islamofacists since 9/11, and for the first 6 yrs of his Leadership the economy for all general purposes has been good. We’ve had high levels consumer confidence and gas prices that at an average were around $2.25 a gallon, low unemployment and the stock market was setting records with the Dow Jones average at around 14000. Americans were spending money on trips and cars. Then “Change” happend.

In 2006, Americans gave the Democrats the majority in both the House of Reprentatives and the Senate. What do we have to show for that now? All that “Change” the Democrats have promised has left us with less change in our pockets. Home Foreclosures are at a record high, the value of our homes (equity) has fallen, gas was over $4.00 a gallon, the Dow Jones Stock Average took a nose dive, and consumer confidence is now at an all time low.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can afford any more “Change” that the Democrats have in store for us, particularly Barack Obama who wants to take “Change” from those who work and turn it into cash for those who don’t by “Spreading The Wealth”.

Memo to Barack Obama……Keep the change!


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