Sunday, March 27, 2005

Less than 7 days to go...

Since late last year, I have been counting down to this coming weekend. I will be traveling down to Bristol, Tennessee. If you are a Nascar fan, you will know that I will be at Bristol Motor Speedway. This will be my first Nextel Cup event. I can't wait. I am so fired up. This is my favorite short track. It is 0.533 of a mile. It looks as if they shoved a race track into a football stadium. How do they fit 43 cars on such a little track? All I know is that it makes for great wrecks. I am going to try to post some pictures when I get back. I am hoping to run into as many drivers as I can. I will be looking for Junior. I doubt that I will see him outside the track.

The weather report doesn't look good. There is a chance of rain most of the weekend. We are leaving on Friday, so we will be camping out for two days. I don't want to sleep on a soggy ground or cramped up in a truck. Also, I don't want a rain shortened race. I went through that at Kentucky Speedway a couple years back. Not only were we freezing cold and wet. They didn't finish the race until the next Monday, bacause of the Cup race on Sunday. We were not able to go back to see the finish. We didn't have a babysitter and I had to work that night. It is still a week away, I pray for sunny weather.

This is a make or break track for most drivers. Dale Jr needs to have a top five finish along with taking advantage of some of the points leaders having bad days. He has had a very bad season. Nothing seams to be going his way. Every time he gets a break, something breaks on the car or has a wreck.

I have been to two Busch Series races here at Kentucky Speedway. Last year was awesome because we were front row. Damn, those cars were loud. Cup cars are LOUDER!!! The feeling of that rumbling in your chest is like nothing else. It looks as if Mrs B and I are headed back to that race again. I just looked into tickets for that race last week. $45 a ticket is too bad. Hell, Bristol got me for $90 a ticket.


BurbankErnie said...

Awesome. Being on the West Coast, I only get the Super Speedway Races: Fontana, Vegas, Phoenix. I could go up north (Napa) for a Road track, but I like those better on TV. I envy you getting to Bristol, I really enjoy a short track race. Enjoy!
BTW, try and catch a Craftsman Truck race, those are pretty cool also.

Alli said...

Denny gave you a plug so I came to check it out. Looks good so far. I'm a INDY fan myself, but Nascar is good too. :) Have fun and blog about it when you get home!!! :)