Monday, August 15, 2005

This Week in Nascar

I didn't post anything last week. There wasn't much to post about. The only positive note that I really had, was that Truex won another race. He is running away with his REPEAT Championship. Congrats to Tony for his dream of Indy. He is an awesome driver. He is most likely the driver I am going to go with for the Chase. I am a football guy and when Joe Gibbs is guy you drive for, I will root for you. I root for mainly DEI, RCR, and JGR drivers. So at the end of the season, when Tony as his second championship, don't say I didn't tell you so. He has been on a streak lately, winning five of his last seven races. With four races until the Chase, it looks as if he will be the leader going in.

JR finished 10th. He is now 163 points out of 10th. It is time now to stop looking for points. The possibilities of making the Chase are next to nil. Time to hook up the car to go all out and go for wins. Let the chips fall where they may. With Michigan (2 miles), Bristol (0.533 miles), California (2 miles), and Richmond (0.75 miles) left, anything can happen.

Here is the present standings. Still to close to call on who will be in the Top 10 to qualify.

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