Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The shit has hit the fan, literally. Right before the up and coming season of college basketball, UC President Dr. Nancy Zimpher has accentually FIRED UC Head Basketball Coach Bob Huggins.

Either way, UC basketball will be going into the Big East conference without its esteemed coach of 16 years, the winningest coach in school history. He's led the Bearcats to 14 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances.

Nice way to send a great coach out on his coat tales, bitch. This is something that happens at the end of a season, NOT THE BEGINNING. He should have had the chance to take his last team out as winners. The reason that you are going to the Big East Zimpher, is because of Huggins. Not your short two years as President. Apparently this is one department of UC that DID NOT NEED A CHANGE.

Look at these numbers and look again at why young students want to attend your college. They want to be apart of the Huggins era.

His 542-191 record ranks him seventh in winning percentage among active division one coaches.
Those wins include 10 conference regular season titles and eight league tournament titles for the Bearcats. He's also taken the team to the NCAA tourney 14 times in a row.

You are just upset because no one knows who you are when it comes to UC history.

Not only does Huggins get the shaft, so does the players. They have spent the entire summer getting accustomed to Huggins' system. Now that is all trash. Time to start anew. This will last into the season, because the new coach will not have the total trust and respect that Huggins had with them. They all knew that Huggins would stand shoulder to shoulder with them when facing any opponent on the court. This is a coach that can take control of a situation when the pressure is on late in the game. He knows how to handle a young, talented Freshman when he needs to make the winning shot. Many of the player come from far away to play for Huggins. They could have easily have signed with bigger named schools closer to home. But no, they want to play for Huggy-bear.

In the end the fans get the shaft. For just about the same reasons above, us fans do not know if the new coach can make the right call, when it is all on the line.

Can you say, NIT???

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