Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where is Rob?

Sunday night I started looking for bloggers in the New Orleans area that was going to attempt to ride out the storm. I was thinking it might be interesting to get a first hand account of a hurricane as it happened. I came accross from Bush, LA. So I bookmarked it for the following morning.

My work week is Tuesday thru Saturday. I like having Mondays off, because now that the kids are in school, I get to spend more time with Mrs. B.

I woke up Monday morning. I started the coffee, grabbed a cigarette, and fired up the laptop. I changed the Weatherbug to New Orleans zip code, so I could get the better radar. I brought up I read his latest post from 5:10am. From the looks of it, he stayed up most of the night. His last post was at 6:26am.

6:26AM - The wind has intensified significantly. A big branch landed with a thud just outside my window. The rain hasn’t been that bad. We’ve experienced a few power hiccups but nothing major yet. Next entry will be after daylight, power permitting.

He was supposedly not alone. He was with family members of Mama and Patsy. There are also family members that lived in the area. Janine, Michael, and their children in Mandeville. David stayed in Slidell. (all of this info has been found by their "Family Blog".

I do not know any of these people. I came across their websites by pure accident. I look at as that God would want me to pray for their safe return. Please keep them in your prayers, along with all other victims and families affected by Katrina. I have never worried so much about a total stranger. Kind of odd. But these people are fellow Americans.

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