Monday, June 6, 2005

This week in Nascar...

Well, this week sucked for DEI. Now both drivers are out, looking in on the Chase. JR fell out this week due to a 22nd finish. He is now 15ht, 418 points back of Jackass. Michael Waltrip's season isn't getting any better. He sits 17th, 493 back. If it wasn't for bad luck, they would have no luck at all this year. Half of the regular season is now over. This next half has to have a lot happen for these two or just one to make the Chase.

The biggest highlight of the weekend in the Cup was Tony punting Jeff Gordon. He had every right to. If it was the closing laps, I could see blocking for position and points. If you have a slower car during the race, especially that early, move the fuck out of the way. Like Tony said, "All he had to do was move up and let us go and 20 laps later if he was faster we would've let him go right back by." Nascar is turning into a "me first" mentality. Respect and courtesy for other drivers has flown out the window. I think it all started when SR died. There is no one on the track to keep everyone in check. If Tony needs to be the man to do that job, so be it. I will back him almost every time.

I can't list all of his post race quotes. They were all good. I love this quote from Tony because it is the truth.
"Jeff's always whining like that. If somebody does something to Jeff it's always their fault. That's just Jeff Gordon."

It looks as if the best way for some of these drivers to get their season back on track, will be for Biffle and Jackass to wreck into each other. The biggest jumper of the week was Mark Martin of 6 spots. He now sits 6th, 324 back. The biggest dropper of the week was Jeff Gordon of 6 spots. He now sits 11th, 350 back. JR and Jarrett were those that fell out of the Chase.

I know this is from the Busch Series, but I have to get this out. Congrats to Martin Truex Jr on his win this week. That is his third this year. He is now sitting 3rd, 120 points behind Carl Edwards. Keep it up Truex! A repeat championship, just like your car owner, before coming up to the cup would be awesome. Keep digging!!!

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