Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Where does the time go?

I just realized that I haven't made any kind of post in five days. I was going to make a post after this past weekend's race. What is there to write about a 42nd finish? That just sucked. Out on lap three. A day when JR could really take advantage of Jimmy having a bad day, he has one himself. I guess that keeps the hope alive, barely. The good news out of this past weekend was that Truex is now the points leader for the Busch Series. Time to build on that and run away with the repeat. Now that he has the points lead, look for him to sign that contract for DEI. There is now 13 drivers for the Chase for the Cup. With 10 weeks to go, it is time to start making some ground to get under 400, or pack it in and prepare for next year.

I also have another reason why this post is so late...


I received a uh certain type of software from a friend of a friend that had a full version of Nortons. IT STILL SUCKS. I have been attacked by numerous viruses over the past weekend. I am sure if I looked into it more, Nortons is probably the maker of the virus so I would have to pay to get it removed. Well needless to say, I uninstalled Nortons and put AVG back on. Guess what??? It found viruses and also removed them. How about that, a software that actually does what it supposed to freakin do!!! Note to self, AVG is my friend.

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