Sunday, May 15, 2005

Always a bride's maid...

...finally a bride!!!

Last night I took my family out to dinner. When we arrived home, I turned on the television just in time to see Jimmy Jackass put his car into the wall. Then after the initial wreck and trying to get back to the pits, something broke in the steering and then he hit the inside wall. HAHA, he finished 40th. I thought to myself, this is going to help a lot of drivers that are in and out of the chase. After dancing a jig in celebration of Jackass wrecking, I went into the kitchen, got a Coke, and settled down to watch the rest of the race.

Last night was the Kasey/Tony show. Those two battled back and forth all night. Tony was strong at the beginning of the runs, while Kasey fell back. The announcers figured out that Kasey was going with low air pressure at the beginning of the runs because he always fell back. On long green runs, Kasey would then haul ass and fly by Tony. At the end, Kasey prevailed to get his first win in the Nextel Cup Series after finishing second six times in previous races. Congrats to Kasey Kahne.

With Jimmy Jackass wrecking, we now have 19 drivers eligible for the Chase. There are 15 races left. I think we will have more than ten drivers in this year's Chase. With more drivers in the post season, the more fans are going to tune in to watch the late season races. This will put Nascar in strong competition with the NFL. That is still months away, we will talk more about that when the time comes.

Kasey's win made him the Big Jumper of the week (that is eligble) of four spots to settle in at 15th (-301). Mark Martin is the Big Dropper of the week of four spots, now 10th (-218). Dale Jr fell out of the Top 10, falling two spots to 11th (-229). Jackass still leads in the points, but only by 41 points to Greg Biffle. Keving Harvick is back in the Top 10 at 8th (-198). Sterling Marlin is towing the line in 19th (-394).

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