Monday, May 2, 2005

Up in the Top 10

If you are a fan of the "Big One", you got your fill this weekend. There was one in the Cup Series (25 cars at Lap 132) as well as on in the Busch Series (16 cars at Lap 17). Had one early, had one late. It really doesn't matter. When you loose that many cars in one wreck, it reeks havoc on the points standings. At one time JR was up to sixth in the points. He settled into the Top 10 at nineth. He might not lead in the points, but he is really setting himself up to guarantee himself a spot in the Chase for the Cup.

He could have had a Top 10 finish if it weren't for Jimmy Jackass. I don't remember which turn it was, but as they were coming out of the turn he scrapped the wall. When he freaked out and over corrected to get off the wall, he slammed into the side of Kevin Harvick, who clipped JR's car and turned him into the wall. Somehow Truex's car was clipped which sent him across the grass and he hit the inside wall. There were a few other drivers collected into it. What was real funny, was when Jackass was coming out of the Infield Care Center he was stopped by one of the Fox reporters. Jimmy started coming off with something about someone hitting him. In mid sentence, the reporter stopped him and said something to the effect of "wait, watch this." When they reviewed the clip, Jackass's car was never touched. He went off into the wall all by himself!!! Finally, after all of these weeks, you finally get caught up in your own shit. There is no one to blame this time for your "over driving, coming out of the corner, I can't keep up with Dale Jr. at 'Dega late in the race" mess except for yourself. You got called out on nation tv. HAHAHA. You finally got a taste of your own. Hell, you set off the "Big One" when you clipped the 4 car with your back bumper going after McMurray. But, since the Fox guys want to be so far up the points leader's ass (only to be out of Mike Helton's), they called it a "series of events" that caused it. Don't get me started on the Hollywood Hotel. That has done run its course. Don't mind the pun.

Well, after Dega, this is how the points look as of now. Tony Stewart made the biggest jump of eight spots this week to put him back in the Top 10, of sixth. Ryan Newman and Sterling Marlin took the biggest drops of the week of eight spots, to fall back to 15th and 17th. The drivers that weren't in the Top 10 that are in this week are Stewart, Jarrett, Harvick, Earnhardt Jr., and McMurray. Those out are Martin, Wallace, Edwards, Newman, and Marlin. They were all in the "Big One". Michael Waltrip is the driver that moved back into the Chase. No one fell out of the Chase.

Things look to be settling down at DEI. JR's pit crew actaully pulled off a 14.4 sec 4 tire pit stop. I was really surprized when I just watched at Bristol about a month ago them prancing around the car. It is about time someone lit a fire under their asses.

Next week should be very interesting. Make sure you wear the appropriate attire as the next race on the schedule is Darlington, the "Lady in Black" for the Dodge Charger 500. The race is on Saturday. You know what that means, NIGHT RACING.

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