Monday, May 9, 2005

Nascar Update

I figured since I was in the blogging mood I should get out my weekly update on the points chase. There are 16 races left until the Chase. We are now down to 15. Now out are Jeff Burton, Michael Waltrip, and Sterling Marlin.

Jeff Green is an ass. What is his deal? He thinks if he waits a month to get some chip off his shoulder it is okay? That was bullshit. He was running up on or checking up on Waltrip. Finally Mikey got his revenge. In my book, he had every right to do what he did to Green. Now after they have both been called to the Nascar trailer, I think this fued is over.

Jimmy Jackass still leads in the points at 1519. The two biggest jumpers were Mark Martin and Ryan Newman of five spots. Martin 6th and Newman 10th are the newcomers to the Top 10. The drivers to fall out were Kevin Harvick and Dale Jarrett. Jeremy Mayfield is towing the line in 15th at 386 back. Jeff Burton is on the outside looking in at 406 back. JR is still 9th at -307.

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