Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Oh shit, you're fucked now!!!

That's right. I am back from my hiatus of moving. Moving sucks. I think I am done for now. There are a few boxes still to go through and put away. I can live with what we have out now. It is going to take some time to get use to being in this house. Everyone seems to like it. I hope it is not some kind of jinx. Hell, my Mom can't stop talking about it. Mrs B keeps telling me when she gets off the phone with my Mom, that she is always talking about something new. I thought I was bad. To top it off, my step-Dad likes it. It is hard to impress him. I think the only people that we have left to show are Mrs B's parents. Hell, like that is going to happen. The only way that is going to happen is if we email pics. They don't ever visit. Don't get me started on that, I digress. Being a homeowner is going to be a full time job. Now that it is mine, I am willing to do the repairs necessary. Hell, before with renting, I told the slumlord. If he didn't fix it, I said fuck it. Now it is my responsibility. I am willing take that on. I love a challenge. Well, I have some blogs to catch up on. I will try to post something else soon. During the move I was supplied with a new arsenal of photos and jokes. I will keep them coming.

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