Sunday, April 10, 2005

JR is hanging in there

I don't know how many more weeks of this JR can take. If this keeps up, he is not going to be in the Chase for the Cup in 20 races from now. He is 328 points behind Jimmy Jackass, sitting in 16th in the points.

For those that are not Nascar fans. The Chase for the Cup begins after 26 races of a 36 race season. Any driver in the top ten or within 400 points of the leader is eligible for the chase. The drivers eligible have their points readjusted to separate them from the rest of the field. Their point are also set in incraments of five. The chase consists of the last ten races. The one with the most points is season champ. At 328, JR is just inside the 400 point window.

Next week is Texas Motor Speedway. This track is a 1.5 mile track, back to the speed. Hopefully this is where JR gets a win. I think there might be a bounty on Jimmy Jackass's head. He is now first in the point by 160 points. A bad week could really help a lot other drivers as well as JR.

Texas Motor Speedway
Track Facts
Banking/Turns: 24
Distance: 1.5 miles
Shape: Quad-oval

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