Saturday, April 9, 2005

Who approved the Nascar schedule?

What were they thinking of putting Bristol and Martinsville back to back? Don't they know that this is going to be retaliation weekend? The tiffs from last week are going to boil over to this week. Or is that the point? With these retaliations and aggressive driving, Nascar can levy more fines. This helps the governing body grow. Charging us fans over a hundred bucks a seat for a cup event isn't enough. They need to dip into the drivers pockets. Probably doing this keeps the price of tickets down. Who knows? I just know there is going to be some beating and bagging this week. That is why I love short track racing. It brings out more of the skill of driving and less of the speed of the car. It should make this weekend very interesting, but That's Racing.

I have JR to finish 5th. I am looking for him to get another top five. Just don't know if he is going to make it through the field safely this week. Keep my fingers crossed.

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