Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well, Which One?

I am not sure what is up. Do I have readers or not? I am not sure. By looking at the few comments that I have, I am starting to think that I don't. I am not sure what people are looking for. I try to talk some sports, news, and comedy. I know I don't get into the news too much. At least, not right now. Most of the news items out there are being covered by other bloggers really well. Most of the time I defer to them. Heck, I think that is all they do is write articles or blog. I am still new to this and really haven't got on any rants. Maybe I should try posting every time I get a chance to build an audience. I am still on that third shift. I will be able to post more here in about two weeks. Well, here are a couple of posts for your amusement.

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