Friday, April 15, 2005

Just a ramble...

I thought for once that I will attempt a ramble. I haven't been in the mood to really delve into any certain story and write about it. Ever since I got the news of going to first shift, I have been in a funk. I am really going to miss the people I work with. I have known a lot of them for years. When you work with some people for a long time, they become like family. There are some people on first that I used to work with. So, it will be like catching up with family. I think I will be alright with the switch over. The only thing I am worried about is people that have been the original first shift. Some of them either drive me nuts or I just want to bitch slap. I just know the main reason for doing this is for my kids and wife. So there will be no slapping. I want to spend more time with them. The kids are getting older, 10, 7, and 5. I want to spend as much time as I can with them while they are young. Don't get me wrong. I spend a lot of time with them. I have some really healthy, smart, disciplined, kids with good morals and strong beliefs. I think they are ready for their next stages in life. I want to be there to develop them into adults. My oldest is still a child. But every once in a while, he will blow me away on how well he can make a decision as though he was much older. He is in the fourth grade, the first year for real grades (A-D, F), he has received straight As the first three quarters. I am hoping he will keep it up till the end of the year. That is something I don't think I ever did. I was an A-B student in school. I think the development into adulthood is going to be very crucial and I want to be there for it. And the other side of the reason, Mrs. B. Working third shift, we don't see each other that much. We make the best of the time that we do have. I think our marriage will now go in a different and actually better direction. Well, I am about spent for the time being. I have some other blogs to read, fantasy baseball to update, and sleep to get to.

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